Semi Automatic Packaging Machine KPF-500G / KPF-1000



  • This device loads power or particle automatically with high speed
  • With the full application of the servomotor and the electric control system,
  • Anybody can operate the speed control through the numerical date input.


  • Chemical resins, pellet, feeds, fertilizer


  • Salt, various corrosive raw materials, food additives


  • Mineral product, etc.

Specification :

Model  :                          KPF-500G / KPF-1000

Capacity  :                     30~40 Ton/hr at 500~1000kg/bag

Accuracy  :                    ±1/500~±1/1000

Application  :                 (Pellets, Granule, Powder), Fertilizer

Power Source  :             380/440V. 60Hz. 3Φ

Kind of Bag


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