Model Name Ai700 Ai1800 Ai1800-W
Type High speed
Motion system Multi-Articulated, Pola r Coordinate System
Load capacity 140kg(308 lbs) 160kg(352 lbs) 350kg(771 lbs)
Degree of freedom 4Axis
Operating range R axis(rotating) 360˚
D axis(up/down) 2300mm
O axis(front/rear) 1750mm O axis(front rear) 1518mm O axis(front rear) 1518mm
T axis(Hand rotation) 440˚ R axis(Hand rotation) 440˚ R axis(Hand rotation) 440˚
Bag 700Bag/hr 1600~1800Bag/hr 500Bag/hr
Handling rate ※The above is capacity when using a single gripping end effetor stac cing capacity raries depending on the layout,
Accuracy Repeated stop position accuracy ±1mm
Robot weight 1335kg / 1375kg 1295kg 1360kg
pneumatic Consumption 180L/min(ANR) (300L/min (ANR) when equipped with a pallet dispenser)
Ambiert Temp 0~40℃
Relative Temp 35~85%
Power AC220V ±5%
6.5kVA + peripheral2 c.5oknVveAy +o rperipheral conveyor
Standard color Nittoko C25-80B (Japan Painting Industry)