New Auto Bagging Machine 1500-1700bag/h

New Auto Bagging Machine PACKO-2000

Feature of Auto Bagging Machine Packo-2000:

  • Be able to pack up 1500~1700bag/Hr
  • Filling part and forming part are separated, saving time after filling.
  • In the bag magazine bag can adjust its width easily by using handle and it is easy to load.
  • All facilities are separated from dust and dangerous enviroment.
  • Energy-saving design optimized for high effciency operation.
  • Easy to supply spare part with 100% domestic technology.
  • Fast maintenance support and component delivery with reliable technology


  • Chemical resins, pellet, feeds, fertilizer


  • Salt, various corrosive raw materials, food additives


  • Mineral product, etc.


         Model                              PACKO-2000

Packing capacity:                 1500~1700bag/h

                                                 It may be variable by the conditions of raw material or bag specification

Bag Specification:                 Kraft paper, PP/PE, Polyethylene

                                                 L700~900mm × W415~520mm

Weighing Range :                  15~30kg/bag

Power Source:                      14kW

                                                220/380/440V. 60Hz. 3P

Air Utility:                              1200Nℓ/min, 5kg/


Reference models: