máy đóng bao 25kg

Automatic Bagging Machine KBM-2000D


  • High Capacity Type
  • Be able to pack up 1400bag/hr
  • Main Driver
  • With the servomotor as the main driver, high speed control, Acceleration
  • Safety Operation with High Speed
  • With the full application of the servomotor and the electric control system,  anybody can operate the speed control through the numerical data input.
  • That sealing state is more stable.
  • Safety Device for Control System
  • Increasing of the temperature abnormally in servomotor, the bad operation  of high frequency in motor, and the electrical power off.
  • Clamp error detecting device.
  • The error checking device for abnormal paper opening.
  • The abnormal cutting detection device for sewing thread. 


  • Chemical resins, pellet, feeds, fertilizer


  • Salt, various corrosive raw materials, food additives


  • Mineral product, etc.