Automatic two section liquid filling system

semi auto 2 noozles filling machine


  • Possible to realize the automation in the small workplace
  • Maximizing the work efficiency with the minimal number of staffs
  • Possible to easily manipulate it due to the simple operating instructions
  • Easy to clean it after usage and with the small quantity of cleanser
  •  Little failure due to the simple structure
  •  Possible to make a selective order of one nozzle depending on the production quantity
  • Possible to make a selective order of an explosion proof item or a non-explosion proof ite depending on the site conditions
  • Possible to expand it if a capping system is needed


  • Filling the 4~10L small cans 
  • Filling each 18L can / 20L PAIL 
  • Filling various containers such as P.E BOTTLE 
  • The automatic filling line of various cans
  • The semi-automatic filling system of various cans
  • The automatic and semi-automatic drum filling systems 
  • The metallic and plastic pail can filling system
  •  The automatic empty cans storage and feeding system
  • The automatic division packing and stocking system
  • The automatic cap feeding and fastening system (capper)
  • Pallet feeder and the pallet banding system
  • The automatic toning system (painting system)


– Weighing range: 5~30kg 
– Filling accuracy : 1/500~1/1000 
– Filling speed : 240~300 can/hr
  (in linkage with the flow quantity) 
– 2-Step valve control 
– Can specification : By costomer 
– Power : 220V/380VAC, 50/60HZ, 2KVA 
– Air Pressure : 4~7kg/㎤, 50Nℓ/min 
..*Capping machine 
..*Auto labeler

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