Automatic pail can filling system


  • Improving the productivity by securing the safety of operators and by minimizing the number of operators.
  • Implementing the high speed of packing with the correct filling precision.
  • Designing the restriction of occurrence of Pollution.
  • Minimizing the cleaning and operation preparation time
  • Free layout by using the narrow space
  • Minimizing the production loss and the operation utility consumption
  • Preventing the muscle and bone diseases and realizing the clean sales office
  • Checking the automatic error and attaching the error indication label

The filling systems of shinwha precision

Model : AF-2H3W
Filling weight : 10 ~ 50kg
Filling accuracy : 1 / 500
Filling speed : 200~300cans (20kg/2Nozzle)
Filling can : Steel, Plastic
– Net weight control type
– Enhancing the weighing precision with the
2-shift control of the filling valve and by attaching
the flow control device
– The flow control system is contained so that the
automatic control and the transport with high
pressure of 10kg/cm2 are possible regardless
of the flow speed and pipe pressure
– Cleaning is simple with the one touch
disassembly and assembly
– Attaching the auto drip tray to prevent the pollution
(automatic leakage receiver)
– Preventing the dust in the production site and
attaching the cabin for collecting the harmful gas
– The device of monitoring and warning the weight
shortage and excessive filling
– Automatic error warning and error message

Model : ACP-20
Cap type : Steel, Plastic(Cramper or press)
Capping type : Cramper or press type
Capping speed : 360caps/hr. max
Cap separater
Safety fence & cover
– Cap Type: Lead cap for pail cans
– Automatic cap separation and feeding device
– Attaching the monitoring device checking the
twofold separation of caps
– Checking the abnormality of cans before capping
– Attaching the monitoring device examining the
twofold cap
– Attaching the safety fence to the dangerous part

Model : PT-360P
Palletizing weight : 10~50kg/can
Can specification : 20 liter pail can, box
…………………………….(P.E, steel Can)
Palletizing speed : 280~360cans / hr
Palletizing pattern : (4 + 4 + 4) x 2, 3shift
……………………………..(4 + 3 + 4) x 2, 3shift
Can holding method : vacuum padф150
– Preventing the muscle and bone diseases and
improving the work environment by automating
the heavy pallet stocking process
– Preventing the industrial disaster by attaching
the safety sensor and the safety door
– Simply installing it in the end of the current
automatic and semi-automatic filling systems
– Possible to install it in the narrow space and
easy to move and install it
– No can deformation with the vacuum absorption
stocking type
– The occurrence and detection of vacuum is
independently organized so that concurrent
descent doesn’t occur.
1 . Automatic multi-shift can separator
(Pail can separator)
– Model : PS-20
– Pail can : 17cans/row
– Separation speed : 360~420cans/hr
– Can specification : 20liter pail can, box
………………………………(P.E, steel Can)
– Air control type
– In, out conveyor
2 . Auto labeler
3 . Ink jet printer
4 . Enclosing booth
5 . Pallet dispenser