Automatic Bagging Machine 1400bag/h KBB-1500

Automatic Bagging Machine 1400bag/h

Automatic Bagging Machine KBB-1500


Features of Automatic Bagging Machine:


  • You can enjoy the advantage of its high performance. Linear movements.Compact dimensions and Heavy-duty structural members provide the greatest degree of reliability and operating safety, even in high-performance operations.
  • Customers are offered solutions as their individual requirements.This includes the supply of individual components or additional system to the existing facility, as well as the construction of complete turn key systems

The Model KBB-1500 fully automatic bag filling machine is produced  by KIMPO BNS in Korea. It is licensed by STATEC BINDER who  have developed their career during 20 years, especially for  Automatic Bagging Machine.




  • Chemical resins, pellet, feeds, fertilizer
  •  Salt, various corrosive raw materials, food additives
  • Mineral product, etc.



Size 4200(L) x 4100(W) x 2100(H) mm
Work Piece Bulk Material
(Fertilizer, Plastic Pellets, Feed, Cereal)
Packing Range 10kg ~ 50kg
Capacity 1400 Bag per Hr
Electric Power 8KW
Air Consumption 1200Nl/Min
Bag Material PE, Woven-PP, Paper
Bag Size Gusset 300~500(W) x 1080(L) x 90 ~ 140(G),
Pillow 300~630(W) x 1080(L), 50~250(t) ㎛








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