• PACKO is a branch company in Vietnam of Kimpo BNS company.
  • Companies such as CJ, LG, JUTON,KOVA,… used our machines to supply the products to their customers.
  • We have engineers and experts with more than 25 experience years in the Field of Development, Design and Application
  • Our fully automated systems will ensure that products will
    meet your highest expectation, save the expense as well as enhance your product quality.
  • PACKO offers turnkey solution
  • Maintenance and care of powerful technical product affect on the level of performance regular and proper service helps to increase lifetime of machines.


Industrial 4.0 system

Full automatic filling& packing machine

Excellent customer service 100%

Unlimited customization 100%

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Hyosung chemical factory in Vung Tau

We are installing big bag packing machine for Hyosung chemical factory in Vung Tau province.


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